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A great way to start the day!


Are you ready to start our Prairie Fairy and PaperTemptress digital journey? I know I am!

This card is so me LOL!  Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am a horrible night owl and generally don’t start my day until noon so when I saw this digital image from Prairie Fairy’s Digital Stamps I knew what I had to do with it!  I then decided instead of coloring the robe to paper piece the robe using the text weight Mountain Rose Glimmer.  I really like the text weight paper since it runs thru any and all printers with no problem.  It is also very easy to heat emboss a digital image using an ink jet printer since the ink dries very slowly.  All you have to do is have your embossing powder ready and when it comes out of the printer just pour the embossing powder over the wet ink and heat!  Wallah an embossed digital image!  Works perfect for sentiments and words since I don’t know about you but for the most part when I go to heat emboss a word there is some little area in it that didn’t get as much ink as the rest of it and it stands out like a sore thumb!  I hate it when that happens! You don’t have to worry about that when you heat emboss with the printer. The White Diamond and the whole Sparkle paperline text weight prints amazing digital paper to so PaperTemptress carries every cardstock needed for your digital images and it is on sale for 25% until Monday under the Digital Paper category!

The background is the Solar White Skinny Columns since I hate flat (LOL) and wanted to show off just how nicely this very textured cardstock stamps.  You can’t even tell it has very defined ridges in it since it stamp fairly smoothly.  It heat embosses like a dream too!  I used one of my all time favorite inks…..Brilliance RocketRed Gold so in real life it has a sparkle to it too, you know how much I like sparkle!!   I love the background stamp as you can tell since I have used it several times in the past but it just worked perfectly to add a little more humor to this card (like it needed more LOL)!  Then just a few flowers, the amazing sentiment, a little bling, a little pink flock on the borders and all done!!  You would think with all of the amazing cardstock I have that I would be a person who layers a lot but many of my cards are one layer, most  no more than 2.  I guess I go more the clean and simple designs, even though I am neither, clean or simple LOL!  Just kidding, (but we all have gotten creative and forgot to take a shower here and there, haven’t we?????).

This was just a fun project to work on and now to continue with the fun, our 2nd stop this morning is to visit Anita for some Cards & Coffee.  Be sure to follow the crumb trail to find the password so that you can enter the giveaway of 6 digital images of your choice from Prairie Fairy’s Digital Stamps and a 15$ Gift certificate from PaperTemptress.

I know there is a lot of discussions out there in the stamping community about digital stamping and I agree it shouldn’t be called stamping since it isn’t stamping but I love digital images and always have for many reasons.  The first one is storage, I haven’t any more room or binders for rubber stamps.  I am going to have to get a bigger place very soon just for my rubber stamp collection.  Don’t get me wrong I love the whole inking up a stamp and the joy I feel when I lift it and have a great image but…..I also love the fact that you never have to worry about a good image with digital images!  I very seldom use one stamp and love to create scenes and that is so easy with digital images and a good photo editing program.  I have been hooked on Photoshop for years now and know enough to be dangerous LOL!  You can also alter digital stamps very easily.  They can have longer hair, shorter hair, or no hair at all LOL!  Now that you can heat emboss a digital image too I think it is time for everyone to go digital (at least for some of your designs)!  Well there that is all I have to say about that (Yeah right)!  Now enjoy and if you stayed and read all of my rantings here is the next blog to visit again……Anita’s for some Card’s and Coffee.

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  • How did you find this picture of me!!! LOL (just kidding) Great Card!

    Alaskan Hugs

  • How cute is this! Love the colors and the flowers!

  • Rufus

    Love this! The sentiment is sooo me!

  • Freida

    What a HOOT!:) This is SOOO AWESOME! (and sooo me!) I love the paper piecing (great choice with the glimmer pp), and that BG PP is perfect! The flowers add just the right touch! What a clever, adorable card, Pat! 🙂

  • Shelly Schmidt

    Hahaha- this is so me!!! If it started later, I would probably start later as well…..

  • What a funny card! Kinda reminds me of me in the morning!
    True 😀

  • OH, I love this image, especially the say, being a night owl myself. I too have become all about digitals lately. I really like how you used the glimmer paper for the robe. The mountain rose is my favorite

  • How adorable…..and I don’t do morning either……..I would like to know about how you would alter digital s….hair…..thank you for sharing…

  • Margreet

    Hi Patricia,
    such an adorable card…love the image so much (I have it myself too)…..love the backing paper…..wonder if you also send overseas???
    Loved your long story (I had a cuo of coffee next to me….lol)!
    Í go hopping!
    xxx Margreet

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