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An update.

Well we think we have figured out what has been happening.  After a couple of weeks of hell it is now suspected that I have been having a severe reaction to some medicine I have been taking.  I am doing a little bit better, my next appt is on Wednesday but hoping to get moving b4 then.  I so appreciate all your emails and well wishes and hope to be up to read them all soon.  I MISS YOU ALL TERRIBLY!


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  • oh! I’ve been worried…glad you know and changes can be made!

  • Patricia,
    So glad you are back and have figured out what was wrong! I have been MIA from blogging too. My little stint in the hospital this week brought good news….BENIGN!!!! Woohooo! Went to the doctor today though been sick….I have bBronchitis. I can hardly move without being short of breath and coughing ’til I feel like I’m gonna pass out. We sure are puny lot!
    True 😀

  • Get well soon, we all miss you lots. Super big hugs.


  • Sandra

    hope they figure it out soon and you are back to your old self!
    Take care!

  • StampinCathy

    Glad you found out what was finally happening and you are on the road to a fast recovery now. We miss you.

  • So sorry Patricia for the bad reaction to medication. It happened to me long ago, but I was itching all over. I stopped it right away, with my doctors suggestion.I would have stopped it anyway. Hope they find something to take it’s place. Praying for my.
    Barbara H.

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