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Day 2 St. Patty’s KSS Giveaway

Wow, I loved Maria’s card yesterday. I especially  loved the way she layered the front background!   Jackie’s card is going to show up later in the week with the whole story, trust me it is a great story!  Anyway today’s designers are just brilliant.  I am so excited about this adventure we are all taking together.  Who would have thought that Shamrocks could look so amazing?  I am just blown away over how creative both these crews are and it is just beginning!

So now off on our St. Patty’s day Treasure Hunt adventure.

We are visiting Trudy’s True’s Gifts from the Hearts first thing this Sunday and then heading over to Anita’s for some  Card’s and Coffee. Now don’t forget your pen and paper!   Come on everyone’s waiting!

the PaperTemptress

See you back here tomorrow.


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