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Do you believe?

Leprechaun Treasure Boxes

We have a tradition in our family – Children decorate shoeboxes with shamrocks, glitter, Celtic knots, etc.  Inside the box they write “Believe” or “I Believe”.  On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day (March 16th) the box is placed near a window so that the moon can shine on it.When the kids are asleep leprechauns will pinch the box, fill it with candy (usually chocolate coins) and trinkets.  The leprechauns will hide the box and leave clues to the location.Children wake up on St. Patrick’s day and start the treasure hunt to find their box.

As the kids got older the clues always got harder and more numerous.  One clue would lead to another and then to another until the final clue revealed the hiding place of the treasure box.

It’s tons of fun, not only decorating the boxes but the treasure hunt itself.  The leprechaun that lives in my nephew’s backyard always put the clues in limerick form.

To help your children create a treasure box of their own, I have created these graphics, feel free to mix & match and let your kids be creative (remember that leprechauns love shiny things).



Ducky used the very popular Green Crepe Ruche and the amazing Laser Gold Glossy to create this fun box!


These are the Free Files!

Here are Ducky’s Free Treasure Box Files!

As always be sure to grab a cup of coffee and browse over to Ducky’s Designs to take a creative journey!!  She offers a lot of freebies but Ducky also offers the cutest digital cutter files for sale at All That’s Scraps.com. Ducky has more creativity in one of her little fingers then I have in total!!

The fun isn’t stopping here either!  Be sure to follow the St.Patty’s giveaway with both Kitchen Sink Stamps and PaperTemptress showcasing KSS newly released Multi Step Shamrocks & Clovers and PaperTemptress’s St. Patty’s KSS Green Package in a fun fun treasure hunt starting on Saturday!  Can you tell I am Irish?   More information to follow!  If you aren’t familiar with Kitchen Sink Stamps please follow the treasure hunt so you can see just how fantastic and realistic these stamps are due to the multi steps that really add dimension to your artwork very easily.

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