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The Mermaid Song

Remember the other day when I got the alcohol inks out? Well I didn’t put them away LOL! I also had the Laser White Glossy out too so take a look at what happened when I combined them! I colored this amazing image from Hearts in Touch’s #97 Mermaids with copic markers and then applied the same colors around the image using Ranger’s alcohol ink applicator. I love the way it looks! The Laser White Glossy Lustre LOVES LOVES LOVES it too!!

The Mermaid Song is from HIT but is on #98 Stacey Tippin Fantasy sheet. Just today I was surfing around and came across a video showing how to emboss cardstock using Fiskar’s texture plates in the Cuttlebug (I am so sorry but I just do not remember where it was), so since it was fresh on my mind when I went to make the mat I went straight to the drawer that I have my Fiskar’s texture plates in. The very first texture plate was EXACTLY what I was looking for, it is called scales! Now how perfect was that??????? So I grabbed some Heavenly white and a few ocean colored chalk inks and made the perfect mat (well to be truthful this is the 2nd mat I made, the other one will show up soon but with a different image). Oh I almost forgot, the base is the new and fabulous Sky Blue Premium Glossy. I rummaged thru my stickers and came across some shell stickers and here she is……mermaid3


The picture above is showing what the Laser White Glossy Lustre looks like at an angle since it truly has a holographic effect when it is stamped on. It is hard to see but y0u can see it more in the top picture, the algae that is going up next to her face is colored with Gold Smooch inks. I am really making an effort to start using ALL of my supplies instead of my few favorites, but don’t look for that with my cardstock LOL, we all know I am always grabbing for the Lustre paperline.

I had a sheet of the Candido Incandescent out too and Oh my goodness, you think the Laser White Glossy Lustre loves alcohol inks, you haven’t seen anything yet!!  This chapter is not done yet!!

Oh no, I just noticed, I think the scales are upside down, oh no!! What do you think?

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  • Lovely art work! and thank you for using a HIT stamp to do it!!!

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