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Need some space?

I always need more space to design!  I design on a desk that I had made for me many years ago!  It is 5 ft long with 6 drawers.  It holds everything LOL!  My computer, keyboard, speakers, my phone and a ton of stuff so I never seem to have enough room to design on especially once I get going since I am a little bit messy (my kids will say I am a whole lot messy)!  So I have figured out a way to get up to 2 more work spaces, you ask how!!  Well here is how:xtraspaceI open up a drawer and put an old shelf on top of it and wallah, more space!!   Can you see my mess around it LOL!!  When I get really busy (messy) I open up the other drawer and do the same thing!  Just thought I would share since I would imagine many work at a desk somewhat similar to mine and we all need a little space at some time or another, don’t we?

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