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Garage Sale.

I have way way way too much craft stuff these days and am cleaning off some shelves.  Here is a list of items I want to find a creative home that will use them.  Just email me if you have any questions or would like to purchase anything.  As I state shippping is not included in the price but will ship in the least expensive way. There is more to come!

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  • JoAnn H.

    I was looking at the Big Shot. I am looking for a machine to emboss, I think this does that, but does it cut also. I need to look up some imfor. on this item, I’m not too educated on this type of machines. I do have a cricut and I have just recently wanted to build my supplies up. I have been scrapbooking for a few years but with the very few items to work with. I love my cricut but I want to emboss . Get back to me and in the meantime I’ll try to find imfor on this big shot. If you can give me some, it would be great. I’m trying to hit all kinds of retired stamps and any way to save money and get more supplies at the same time.

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