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A challenge I couldn’t pass up!

Gingersnap Creations had to be thinking of PaperTemptress when they came up with Gc39 challenge, Metallics “We are going to test your metal with this one! Round up all your gold, silver, platinum, bronze, and copper papers, inks, paints, embellishments, hardware and pearl-ex powders so you can start playing!”bluefairy1a-copy

Do I need to say more?  I was quickly all over this one and probably will add a few more cards since I love metallic cardstock, Pearl-ex, Lumiere paint,Encore ink, and  metals with metal molds and own all of but haven’t been pulling it out as much as I should be.  So thank you Gingersnap Creations.  Here is my first card which has several techniques that I want to talk about (oh lucky you)!

The first technique that I want to talk about is the Pearl-ex background that I created. I stamped the new amazing Neenah Black  using one of my favorite background stamp with Versamark and then brushing on Sky Blue Pearl Ex. I also learned a lesson, definitely spray some kind of sealer over the paper after brushing on the Pearl Ex. I ended up making 3 of them since after handling the paper even carefully, some of the pearl ex had come off of small areas leaving it looking pretty bad (and I have low standards LOL)! So after brushing on the pearl ex, I sprayed the Kryon Crystal Clear on it to seal it. Now the Kryon I used isn’t officially a sealer but I didn’t have a sealer and it worked really well. You would think that it would be shiny but not at all! I highly recommend it.

The second technique I want to talk about is the fairy.  I actually made the fairy a LONG LONG time ago.  I made two of them one in white cardstock and the other on black cardstock.  The image is a brass stencil!  One of my absolute FAVORITE brass stencils too made by Cowtown Stamps (they are having a $1 sale right now).  I did this so long ago, PaperTemptress wasn’t even open up yet.  I made it by first taping the brass image to a piece of cardstock. brassstencile Then I spread Delta Texture Magic Dimensional Paint over the brass stencil until it filled all the crevices on the brass stencil. brassstencil2 Once it was applied smoothly very carefully raise the brass stencil off the image and let it dry.fairy

Then cut it out or color in any manner that you want to.  I even tried copics and they worked fairly good too.  I didn’t try any blending since it isn’t a flat surface and I didn’t want to get to much of the dimensional paint on the copic tip.  Now the fairy that is on the card was done a long time ago and the pictures that are being featured here were done yesterday but I wanted to show how I did this.  My grandson was here tonight while I was working on it and he wanted to know why I was cutting out the tooth fairy.

Sorry for the really long posting so just one more picture.  The Pearl-Ex Neenah black background is truly beautiful so here is the card front without the tooth fairy.  Base paper was Juniper Berry Glimmer cover cardstock and the mat is the text weight Juniper Berry Glimmer too!  Oops, I almost forgot the black mat is Epic Black thick columns which adds more texture to the card but the camera didn’t pick it up due to the glimmer cardstock.  If the camera really showed how beautiful all the speciality cardstock sold @ PaperTemptress is, I wouldn’t be able to keep it on the shelves!background

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  • Fab card, Patricia! Thanks for playing the Gingersnap Creations Metallics Challenge!

  • OOOH Love the card, esp with our deco fairy stencil which we also sell as a rubber stamp.
    Thanks so much for using it and mentioning our name 🙂
    God’s blessings, Laurel

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