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Sending you some sunshine!

I live in California and it has rained, rained, and rained some more. I hope it stops so all of our friends at CHA don’t get soaked, I soooo wanted to go 🙁

I felt the need for some bright colors and since I have Pop Tones on my mind (did you read the great news? 🙂 ) I came up with this fun card. _mg_7764_0017

So I used Wild Cherry, LemonDrop, and Tangy Orange Pop Tones Cardstock.  The base is the fabulous Brawny RC 100 Tuscan Sun…..There are going to be 22 yummy colors of 100# cardstock very soon.  I have had these images from Pink Cat Studio 4 ever and was anxious to finally ink them up.  They are adorable images!

Another reason I wanted to make a card was to show you how you can make great embellishments for pennies,  they just didn’t turn out as cute as most of the paperclay flowers that I make but they are still okay.  The 3 flowers are made from paperclay.  Yes that is right paperclay.  I make them with the absolutely greatest molds that are made and those are the Kraft Lady Molds that are sold exclusively at AfterMidnight Ranch.  Krafty Lady Moulds are made in hundreds of different shapes and themes, the best thing about them is you can actually bake clay in them in the oven so anyone out there who are playing with polymer clay these molds are a MUST HAVE!  Now I mentioned that these were embellishments made for pennies since the only real investment is the molds and they will last centuries LOL!   Anyway here are some other embellishments that I have made for future cards.  These are incredibly easy to make and look fabulous irl.  Please check out the huge assortment of molds. The camera just doesn’t catch how stunning they are painted with gold metallic paint and stickles rubbed on!  So easy!sunflowers

Can’t find that perfect colored flower or butterfly, make your own! Here is what they look like b4 you add any color that you choose.


They sure can be cleaned up a little bit LOL, but imagine the possiblities and for pennies!  I LOVE a good bargain!

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  • Anita

    This is a bright and sunny card! I love the pop tones.

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