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Here I am again!

Here I am again, after repeatedly saying that I try hard to keep my opinions and politics out of this community but……I am a FIRM BELIEVER in not using cell phones and ESPECIALLY not texting while driving.  Trust me, car accidents are not fun and that is if you are lucky enough to live thru it!  I don’t personally own a cell phone  (you would have to leave your house to use it LOL) but if I did I would NEVER use it while driving.

I just heard of a great new bumpersticker and I wanted to share it!  The first person I sent it to was my own daughters who do talk on cell phones and I caught texting while driving.  Here it is:

Honk if you love Jesus…..Text if you want to meet him!

That is a bumpersticker I would put on my car!
Please don’t talk on cell phones or text while driving, I really care for each and everyone one and you and would miss you terribly!  Don’t ever think it wouldn’t happen to you.  I am living proof that it can happen to you, I have lived in chronic pain for 11 years now due to an accident.  It didn’t involve cell phones or texting but life can change in seconds!  Trust me!!

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  • Pam Herold

    Hi, I so agree with you. There has been an awesome video that show what can happen if you text and drive on YOUTUBE. Having 2 sons who were in separate car accidents 6 weeks apart, I am only too aware of what can happen quickly. Am enjoying the blog. Keep up the good work.

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