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Fatherhood in 2010

My has Fatherhood changed throughout my life (unfortunately I didn’t have one for long but still).  When I was young,  men worked and women took care of the house and children (boy am I aging myself LOL)!  Well times have changed haven’t they!  Men are much more involved with the raising of their children which is an absolutely great thing in my eyes.  The below picture is living proof!!


This adorable picture is a picture of my apartment manager taking the recycle waste out to the corner. I was sitting in my apartment and saw this and I had to take this picture!! He was taking care of the baby while Momma was gone but was still working. This is truly a sign of the times!!

the PaperTemptress

BTW:  I live directly to the left of him, right beyond the lemon tree.   What you seeing around him is what I see every day!  My desk is at the front window so I always say I am the old lady sitting at the window LOL!  Welcome to my world.

4 comments to Fatherhood in 2010

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  • I can’t think of you as an old lady! I will say I love the picture. Definately sign of the times. It looks like you live in a lovely place. It is cold and a bit snowy here!

  • Freida

    Oh Patricia, this photo is priceless! Yes, times have definitely changed….just wish someone would tell my husband! 😉

    I LOVE your card, BTW! The sanding makes a huge difference and really brings out the AWESOME texture of this FABULOUS paper!


  • Teri "Terrific"

    OMS! It’s fantastic to see where you live. I look out my window at a 3′ hill of snow that we made by shoveling the 11″ off the sidewalk into a pile in the back yard 😀
    I like that your mgr seems to be enjoying wearing “two hats”.

  • And he is smiling too. That’s awesome!

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