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Okay, I cheated a little bit!!

My daughter has a very good friend who just graduated from Nursing school last night so I made this card for her.   For those who know this stamp, they are looking at it saying what is different, I know something is different but I can’t figure it out!!  Well, Tiffany (my daughter’s good friend) has really long hair and always has, so I really felt that the Tilda needed long hair also.  So I stamped Graduating Tilda and then scanned her into Photoshop.  From there I erased her hair and added long hair.  I had to do it, I swear!   I  ran Black Velvet touch thru my laser printer and cut out the robe and cap.  I traced all the lines with a Black Spica Glitter pen.  I had created the copper background a couple of days b4 really not planning on using it on this card. I posted about how fabulous the new Neenah Supersmooth Black embosses and here is another example!  But by the time I had to make the card I was a sick puppy!!  tildagrad

I was so sick that all I ended up doing was throwing on a few Sandy Lion stickers on it. I had other plans but just wasn’t up to doing them. I hate being sick!!  It was still a very nice card since the base was the stunning black velvet so it looked and felt rather expensive but really didn’t take long to create, just the way I like them LOL!! Oh I almost forgot, the diploma that is in her hands is just a small piece if the Pearl Vellum.  That was a chore cutting her hands so that the diploma could be added!  So it really was a very 3D image!  I don’t paper piece near as often as I should.

So here is another way to use the fabulous Black Velvet, paper piece with it.  It would be a very beautiful faerie’s dress, Easter dress, or even a flower!  OOOOHHHH a Black rose!!

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