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The gift of giving. Not paper related

I was thrilled yesterday when I went to my mailbox and there was a big envelope from women for women since I knew I was going to get to meet my new Sister.  Her name is Josianne Mukamana and she lives in Rowanda and has 2 children.  I had been waiting to meet her anxiously for close to three months now so I was really glad the wait is over.  I will be Josianne’s new sister until November 2010 when she will graduate  from her classes that will teach her how to take greater control over the decisions that govern her life and that of her children.  She will learn technical and business skills so that she can sustain an income.  Once she graduates she will be given access to jobs and tools to start her own business.  Of course my mind started racing and I have a few ideas of how we can all possibly help do that but I have to talk to Women for Women to see if my idea is a good one.  If it is I will share it with all.josiane

I try very hard to keep my politics and believes out of my creative community but I do believe that helping the poor ravaged women in this world is something that we all share no matter what our believes are.  I pay $30 a month to sponsor Josianne and when she graduates in 2010 I will sponsor another woman.  I plan on making her a card this week to send.  They strongly encourage us to write our sister’s but they do tell us that many can’t read (at least yet) so pictures and other symbols are better, at least, until you know different.  I am sharing my joy over helping Josiane with you so that perhaps someone or many out there will go to womenforwomen,org and donate as little as $18 for a mosquito net that will save a whole families life or $17 will buy seeds for 1 family so that they may eat.  There is no better feeling then to know that I am doing good for someone in the world (I actually also support a little boy, Cesar Hidalgo in Bolivia).  I can’t think of a better gift to give or get for Christmas that to make a life better for someone.  Merry Christmas

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  • This is such a wonderful feeling and an excellent charity that is helping to further peoples life instead of just giving them something. Our family has helped support a young girl for several years, there is nothing better.

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