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I’m bored, let’s have a giveaway!

Well, I am really not bored at all!  I have been busy adding new fabulous cardstock to PaperTemptress, it still isnt’ all entered but will be by the end of this week, (I hope)!!  Anyway let’s get back to the giveaway!  Erika Taylor has created three cards,  I want you to tell me what sheets she used!!  I know… you?erika1



On each of Erika’s cards there is one main sheet of PaperTemptress’s cardstock on it! Two of the cards should be pretty easy but one of the sheets may be difficult so don’t think this is easy!! Name all three sheets Erika used correctly and you will be entered to win……One sheet of all the new paper that is (or will) be entered into the store!!    When you figure out the three sheets that Erika used, be sure to Email the PaperTemptress and tell me the names!  This is a giveaway only being offered on the blog so the chances of winning are going to be pretty good!!

1 comment to I’m bored, let’s have a giveaway!

  • The first card has 3 Paper Temptress papers
    The Second card has 5 Paper Temptress papers
    and the third card has 3 Paper Temptress papers

    Hope this help you all out just a little hehehehehehe

    Stay warm everyone.

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