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What a compliment!

I received my new stamps from KitchenSinkStamps and couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned the package over to find a card made with PaperTemptress’s Green Ruche!! If that wasn’t a big enough high, I turned over one of the other set’s I got (as you can tell I bought several sets) and lo and behold, another fabulous card made with PaperTemptress’s Laser Silver Lustre  paper. As you can tell Maria likes PaperTemptress’s cardstock  as much as I like KitchenSinksstamps.  It makes perfect sense for Maria and I to partner up and spend a whole month with you showing all of the creativity that can be inspired by combining stamps and paper!!  We are in talks about starting the New Year together, what do you think?  Should we have a joint giveaway????

the PaperTemptress

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  • Teri "Terrific"

    Ooooh! Pick me, pick me!! *cheesy grin*. I’ve recently drooled over the KitchenSinkStamps but don’t have any yet, (just getting my paper first, I guess). I would love to try them; they look so realistic. Yet, with the recipes, they look easy enough for anybody to achieve the artistic results. [Do we have to wait until the New Year??? *more cheesy grin*]

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