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Okay as of now  there is  going to be 2 Variety Packages given away!  Come on let’s spread the word out there so we can increase the giveaway!  My goal is to give away 4 of them but you have to help me meet that goal.  That is a 1 out of 25 chance to win which are pretty good odds! Everyone has until the end of the day on Wednedsay to follow the treasure hunt, guess the word, and then email me at patricia@papertemptress.com!!

This month PaperTemptress is sponsoring Gingersnap Creations so there may be quite a bit of cross linking but it is going to be a ton of fun.

One more note, I will be on a cruise to Mexico with my 2 daughters for 5 days from November 7th to the 12th so the posting may be a little more scarce that normal but will resume to normality by the 15th (I will need a few days to rest LOL)!

There is a lot in the works here at PaperTemptress’s Community Blog so please stay tuned!  Hope everyone had a great halloween, I know I did, I have 4 grandbabies that just had a ball.  Will show pictures tomorrow!

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  • Faye Owens

    I don’t really understand the game. Can you tell us where to start the Treasure hunt?

  • I can’t believe more haven’t jump on this. You have a much better chance of winning win it is 1 to 25. I added this imfor to my blog but I will make a few more attemps. You did get my email didn’t you. I have had some recent problems with my emails. Please let me know if you did not recieve my email. God Bless, JoAnn

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