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Gingersnap Creations Challenge #21 Movie stars!!

marilyncard_0155 Hi all, I made this card to submit to Gingersnap Creations Challenge #21 which was  to create a card with either a movie star or a movie theme.  Now since I am a huge Marilyn Monroe fan (don’t ask me why, I just have always liked her) I own a couple of sheets of Marilyn stamps.  I started this late afternoon today and since the deadline is today I was in a bit of a hurry as you can tell since nothing is straight (and I couldn’t fix it in Photoshop, I tried).  One of these days I am going to learn to get a ruler out b4 gluing since very little of what I create is straight!!  But it really isn’t as crooked in real life, it must be the angle it is photographed at (really)!!

The quote is an actual Marilyn quote that I found online.  I printed the quote on Onyx Mica/Metallic text weight with my ink jet printer.  A tip for all:  You can run most coated cardstock thru your ink jet printer and pour embossing powder over it as soon as it comes out since ink jet ink takes a while to dry on coated paper, then heat it . This technique works great for all of the fabulous digital images that are getting so popular.   This technique also stops all of the pesky little bits of embossing powder that end up all over the place with regular stamping and embossing.  Perfect way to print and emboss sentiments.   Not to brag (you don’t really believe that do you??) but PaperTemptress has the largest selection of specialty cardstock in both cover and text weight on the web!  The pink cardstock is Pink BASIS.  I love the BASIS cardstock!!  The image is from Stampsmith and stamped on the Ultra High Gloss Glossy cardstock which works BEAUTIFULLY (as you can see) with Photo Stamps!!  Thank you so much Sharon Bliss for showing me how to get a great image with Photostamps by using the right cardstock!!

There is some really fun events that will be happening to celebrate PaperTemptress’s one year anniversary go let’s get ready to PARTY!!

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