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I am very frugal but today it paid off BIG!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am frugile since I always look for the best deal and have to rationalize every purchase (of course, that doesn’t really explain why I have a mini Michaels in my living room but…..my name is Patricia and I am an addict LOL).  I also am not a real bold color person, I prefer lighter colors which is going to get us to the story I want to tell.  Sharon Bliss (BTW she is an upcoming  guest designer) wrote a fabulous post at Gingersnap Creations about what cardstock to use  to get a good stamp with a photo stamp.   She recommends a high glossy glossy cardstock which PaperTemptress happens to carry (imagine that LOL)!  I also have some fabulous photostamps that I have picked up at Hearts in Touch and Stampsmith that quite frankly, I wasn’t using since I just couldn’t get a good impression.  While after reading this article I have been stamping like crazy with these same stamps that I had quit using.   With the right materials these stamps are fabulous!!  Well since I had the Ultra high gloss glossy cardstock out, I just kept flashing on alcohol inks since they also work great on this same paper.  I have all the older colors of the alcohol inks but only 3 of the new lighter colors which I prefer.  So my first thought was to go into Joann.com (I shop there wayyyy too much) and purchase some of the new lighter color alcohol inks that Ranger makes now.  But I am really trying to stop spending money when I already have quite a bit of supplies.  Then it hit me, Copic refills!!  That is right Copic refill bottles work EXACTLY the same as the Ranger Alcohol inks do but there are what, 300 different copic colors???  I just used the refill bottle exactly like I would use the Ranger inks and dabbed a few drops on my little dohicky thing (you know, the little ranger do hickey thing that you put the felt on) and then dabbed in different directions just like Tim Holtz shows us to do.  And it turned out fabulously!  So now I can use the refills for two things which make them worth the money (at least in my frugile mind LOL)!  The darker spots in the picture are not Copics but the Ranger Metallic Silver (this picture doesn’t do  the design any justice, it looks really flat in the photo but if real life it has great depth)!  And they cost much less per ounce.  Hope I didn’t bore you too much!  copicinks

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  • Great, Patricia! I learned this in my copic certification class. Now…..if I had all the refills THAT would be even better!

  • Oohh, what a fabulous idea! I haven’t started my Copic refill collection yet because they are so expensive (more expensive than the markers!) but now I have a wonderful reason. Love it when craft items have a dual purpose! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • ooh! looks like fall leaves! lovely!

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