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Tricking your eye

gigisI just absolutely love this card especially since it really tricks the eye!! There are actually 2 sheets of the Antique Parchment used, the blue is on the bottom which looks like the water and the brown (the ship) is on top of the blue which creates a ship in blue water. Is that right or am I just crazy????? (LOL, I often ponder that same question!)

I really had to look at this card and even then Gigi, who created this card had to explain it to me. Gigi also owns a knk so she used a digital file created by Mamaw’s Legacy where there a a lot of free files so check it out. So Gigi cut the ship out of Brown Antique Parchment and then put it on top of the Bluestone Antique Parchment.
She then placed that image on the fabulous Cocoa Ruche.

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