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What turns on your creativity???????

leaflady1smI have literally fallen in love with this stamp!!! I am not sure why either but from the second I saw it I knew i had to have it. And I was on a no new stamp way of thinking that had worked pretty well for a week or two (that is a long time for this rubber stamp addict). I also used it the same day that I got it, I have stamps that I have had for years that still haven’t seen ink!! Don’t we all????

I am really interested in designer’s creative process. Do you pick a stamp and then go from there? Do you see a piece of paper that gets you started? How many of you know exactly what you are going to create when you sit down?   I really am curious on your workflow so leave me a message and tell me “what turns your creative juices on”?

the PaperTemptress

This is done on the NEW Teal BASIS, I love this color, the BASIS cardstock is on sale this month for 40%.  It is the nicest 80# cardstock around!!

Image is from Third Coast Rubber Stamps…Oak, Ash, & Thorne

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  • I love that stamp! Of course I’ve had it for a while now (love me some 3rd Coast) but haven’t pulled her out in a while….
    As for creative juices, well, I guess I usually start with the technique. Then pick an image to go with it. Needless to say, I’m not exactly what you’d call a ‘fast’ stamper! lol

  • Connie

    I work like Jackie K. The idea perculates and necessity gives a push, sometimes it’s a technique, sometimes a stamp or a sketch. Usually the paper follows along after, it seems to be the most fickle.It takes days to reach completion!

  • Ohhhhhh what a gorgeous stamp, and a beautiful card! As for my own creativity – seeing beautiful artwork always inspire me to create. It’s much easier if I have a sketch to work with, and then I can pick stamps and papers to go with that. The time of year usually dictates what kind of card I create – October means fall cards, February means Valentine’s cards, etc…

    Then there are the rare occasions where I have a special embellishment that I really want to use, so I design a whole card around the embellishment. 🙂

  • April P

    Love that stamp and could certain use her today! I usually think about what category of cards or accents for sb los that I need and look for the stamp that is calling to me. Recently, I realized that I wanted to put 3 different stamps together in a collage for no particular purpose or theme. Of course, the papers selected have to support the overall effect I’m wanting. Embellishments are the last element that I think about.

  • Beautiful card and image, love it!
    I usually color an image and then I choose a paper that matches or if I get an order for a card in specific colors I choose them first and then decorations and color the image after the papers colors. =)
    Hope that made some sense! =)

  • I like the accents you used. Really balances everything out.

    I’m more a simple yet elegant or fun style like Amuse or Rubber Impress Stamps. I’ve only tried a little bit of dry/wet embossing, eyelets, punches, and ribbons.

    I have both monthly lists of swap criteria from Justcards, Oriental Stamp Arts OSA, and Splitcoaster Stamp Divine Secret Sister swaps and to keep my creative juices going but I’m big on Thank You cards and various holidays!

    Of course, I have my favorite starting points like Lunar New Year symbolisms, Snow miracles/people and various inspirational quotes.

    Good luck!

  • Anita

    She is beautiful. My creativity usually is started by need to do something whether it be for a challenge or some of the many scrapbook pages that need to get done or a request from someone. I love this new color.

  • Jackie K

    Love what you have done with that image Patricia! Well, that’s a good question. My creative juices usually start flowing because of a need. Either I am due to post something on a blog or I need a card for someone.I go in my craft room and have a quick glance around and then I just think about it for awhile. Sometimes the process swirls around in my mind for days. I peruse my available paper for color inspiration and then I just begin the process. I assemble all the things I think I might use and just spread them out on the table. I glance at it as I pass by. In a day or so, I usually come up with an idea but not a complete one. I often start something and then just leave it on the table for inspiration, and keep glancing at it as I go by.Before you know it, it all evolves into a card or project. Like Debby, it can take weeks at times to come up with something that pleases me.This is why my dining room table can never be used for dinner, LOL!

  • She’s very mysterious! But I love her! For me, my MOJO is inspired usually by a piece of paper or a sketch. But when I start, it’s usally the paper that everything else has to ‘go with’.

  • Teri "Terrific"

    She is beautiful! Puts me in mind of the Elven princess, Arwen.
    My creativity just seeps out slowly…I see a piece of paper, bottle cap, computer chip from the ink cartridges in my printer (my latest inspiration) and just go with it. I add a little, change a little, and…there you go!

  • Isn’t she beautiful! This is fabulous Pat! My creative juices have a hard time working on their own. I need swaps to get the wheels turning. Once the theme is set I look for the stamp, then the paper, then the embellishments and those things may change as the project evolves. I’m rather fickle that way. Sometimes I can whip up a card lickety split and mostly takes me a week. I’m slow. 😉

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