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Grammy’s little scientist…..

Well here I am again talking about my oldest grandson. He is such a trip that I can’t help but share some of the stories. I had him most of the day (he kept telling his Mother and Auntie that he NEEDS to go to Grammies’ NOW!! Told them that all morning so Grammy wasn’t about to tell this boy no. For dinner we walked down and got a hamburger (really good hamburger too) and stopped at the local 7 11 to get some candy. He ended up finding the rack of junk toys and selected a dart gun. We came home and he was playing with it and all of a sudden he walked up and asked me where the glue is. Now keep in mind that this is a 4 year old, a very smart 4 year old but yet a 4 year old. I asked him what he need the glue for and he told me that he was going to glue the darts on his shoes with the suction cup (see below)out and then he was going to walk up the walls and the ceiling. jrsdartstheory_0001 Now after I quit chuckling I started to try to convince him that that wouldn’t work. Well he didn’t believe me and ended up going in the kitchen and brought in the honey since he knew it was sticky and he figured it would work. I literally spent the next half hour trying to convince him that it wasn’t going to work unsuccessfully. It got so bad I ended up telling him that he could just try it at home so he sat on the couch with his darts and his honey waiting for Mommy to come get him. It was just too funny!! So he went home!!  He fell asleep on the way home so who knows if he would have been able to walk up the wall and the ceiling LOL!!  Let me tell you though I really see the day coming when he figures that stuff out to amaze us all!!

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