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Pickup card

I embossed the truck with silver powder on the Blumarine Incandescent cardstock because I thought it looked shiny like a car! I used the black plastic touch for the background. I really like it, it feels like a chalkboard! I embossed the sentiment with white powder. The background was embossed with a canvas pattern stamp and silver powder. My mom really likes it because she thinks it looks like real metal wire mesh. I hope everyone is having a good summer!paper-temptress-hamster

2 comments to Pickup card

  • Amazing! I love love love all the shine & textures. Makes me SO happy that I have this stamp too. The way you did the dotted line on the road and the dots at the bottom is way too kewl. Doodling is SO “in” right now. Your style is AWEsome! :O)

  • Roberta Laliberte

    This is fantastic Hamster! It has a real masculine feel. Great job

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