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Grammy’s little hero!

I HAVE to share this story!  Yesterday all 4 of my grandchildren (2 2 years olds, 3, and 4) were swimming with lots  of adults around (I wasn’t there or else it would have never happened)!  I guess there were too many adults since my 2 year old grandson fell in the water (I guess he loves to just walk off the side of the pool) and no adult saw him.  My oldest 4 year old grandson was sitting on the steps to the pool and went under the water and pulled him up!  AMAZING and he actually saved his life since there was a good chance that no one would have seen him since it seems there were a lot of inflatable toys that could of possibly blocked their view.

I don’t quite understand why the little guy didn’t have a life vest on since there are dozens of them there but he didn’t!! I was told that since there were so many adults they didn’t feel it necessary!!   From what I understand Jr (an extremely bright  boy and one of the bright lights in my life) was sitting on the steps talking to his Daddy and just didn’t say anything but dove into the water and grabbed him and brought him to the suface.  When I talked to Jr he just said that he saw his head going under the water and got him.  Once he pulled him up he then yelled for help.  Jr just learned how to swim a month or so ago and now he is a fish in the water!!  Anyway if there is anything I have learned in my almost 54 years of life is to always anticipate that if it can happen it will and  then if it doesn’t happen life is good!

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  • That is actually quite amazing. Smart kid. Glad everyone is okay. Ya know kids are often more on top of things then the adults. Not surprised. Good kid.

  • Wow…what a story, and I’m so glad that your little hero grandson had a watchful eye on the pool. Adults does not = safety.

  • I’m so glad there was a happy ending to such a frightening story. Your four year-old grandson is definitely a hero/life saver. Are you making him a special card?!?!? The new copper paper sounds like it would be nice for a ‘hero badge.’

  • sandra

    I am so happy this story had a happy ending – I hope all there learned a lesson!

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