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See I told you so LOL!!!!

I have been raving about the Laser Silver Lustre and how amazing it looks when stamped and colored for quite some time now. Everyone always told me, it is too pretty to stamp on and I had strongly disagreed. Well here is proof that I was right all along LOL!! Denise from Paper Landscapers shares my excitement about this fantastic cardstock (the whole line is to die for but the laser silver lustre is the one with a strong holographic effect!)!  She also used Melanie’s newest stamp (which is also to die for, she is soooo talented). Denise states that this cardstock is watercolor for copics!  So to celebrate the whole Lustre line is going to be 25% off the whole month of July so stock up since this sale isn’t going to happen often.

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  • I’m speechless! Gorgeous. Stunning. There are no adjectives to describe this. Excellent, stunning display of the paper. Denise is uber talented and I am off to tell her so.

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