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Can you tell how excited I am! Time to let the secret out of the bag! PAPERTEMPTRESS now carries cardstock in a square foot (that is technical talk for 12 x 12) YEAH! There is cardstock here that you will not find anywhere else, there are even 5 different lustre sheets now in a sq ft! I am BLOWN away and hope you are too. I know most of the tempted ones are Card makers but I know you all know scrapbookers so PLEASE spread the word so that everyone can be tempted by PaperTemptress! Don’t forgot those 6 in square cards that are the rave right now too!  More bang for your buck!

PaperTemptress is also the carrying one of the greatest textured paper on the planet (I still love you grandee, she was feeling left out! PS: she is square now too) but the new Ruche line is to die for!!  I have published a couple of samples so far but there will be more, lots more since everyone is going crazy over this cardstock!  The new cardstock list is really pretty long so you need to go to PaperTemptress’s new cardstock category to check it all out but I am really excited about 2 new digital sheets that are added.  They are digital glossy text sheets that can be ran thru both the ink jet (wow you should see the colors you get) and the laser printer.  When I was entering the paper into the store I couldn’t resist printing a digital image and coloring it with the copic markers (now you know why it takes me days to enter new product LOL) and I was sooo impressed with the paper that I could barely contain myself!  I am sending some out to my testers this weekend so should have results soon but I LOVED the results.  The blender pen really moved the color around on this paper which we all know it doesn’t really do on regular paper!

A gorgeous pearl sheet was added to the Glimmer line that comes in a cover and text weight that is FABULOUS!  Melanie has already used it!

If all that isn’t enough, DRUM ROLL, you can now get your Neenah Classic Crest cardstock in a sq. ft. too!  We all know that 8.5 x 11 isn’t enough for our coloring addiction and we need  MORE, MORE, MORE!!  I don’t know about you but I never get enough coloring time in so now at least the paper is bigger and better! Enjoy!

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  • Sorry about the typos…it’s an MS thing or an old age thing. Didn’t even spell your name right. For some reason my fingers miss a letter every so often. Enough of that. Keep that paper coming!

  • Paticia, your enthusiasm is so contagious! You know we all LOVE paper and after findig yours, no others will do!

  • Anita

    New digital paper! Oh no! I am going to be really broke. I can’t wait to try it.

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