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Alcohol Inks LOVES the Lustre line.

Laser Gold Lustre and Alcohol Inks

I just can’t express enough how much I LOVE the Lustre line. I wanted to see how the alcohol inks would look on it and was very pleased especially with the Laser Gold Glossy Lustre as you can see here. The lustre line LOVES ink anyway in a very magical way. I can’t really explain what happens but the ink actually slips under the glossy clear finish and settles on the bottom which is an embossed herringbone effect. The depth that is added by ink is just incredible and then you add the different colors that the Alcohol inks come in an it gets even better! You really have to see this paper IRL to really appreciate the beauty of this paper but I have tried to take a close up so you can get a better idea!


Can you see the great herringbone embossed appearance? These pictures still don’t show this amazing cardstock since there is a glossy clear layer that looks like it has been poured over it and when you ink it, the ink doesn’t stay on the glossy layer it slips under the glossy layer and settles on the embossed herringbone bottom layer. It is truly hard to explain but trust me when I tell you, it will change the way you design!! It has a holographic effect which is truly interesting and you will see everyone rotating it from side to side just to look at the transformation.

Funny I had made the background with the alcohol inks sometime ago. My daughter needed a bday card for a good friend of her’s who collects turtles.  I wanted to use it but couldn’t figure out how until I pulled my embellishments out and found these Bday confetti’s I had bought for shaker windows.  The worked PERFECTLY and were so easy to use.  Can you tell I had watched the video at StampTv on crystal lacquer that evening LOL?  I always forget about it so the reminder was appreciated!!  Enjoy!

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2 comments to Alcohol Inks LOVES the Lustre line.

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  • That is TOO kewl how the colours float & add such texture to the Lustre cs. It doesn’t need any help it’s so pretty, but that really softens it and makes it unique. Gorgeous! :O)

  • chris pethers

    Hi Patricia
    I cant believe how lovely this card is .
    The holographic affect with the herringbone appearance is really unusual . Definately a thumbs up.
    Brilliant to finally see something sensible done with the confetti .
    But my major comment has got to be
    ”where did you get that stamp?”
    My 16yr old daughter is mad about turtles and tortoises .I sooo need that stamp
    love Chris

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