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Something to Crow About!

hpim0973I have made this card before but I didn’t have the Cryogen White from PT. So I had to try the water color wash again as I did in the Vintage Birthdaycard. As per usual, the sparkle is magnificent!  There is another similarity…This stamp is also from Stamps Happen. Not quite as tedious a painting job as all the wine bottles are, but still such an awesome image. I also used Basis  Black and Yellow Green. I had to grab the peach colored paper from my stash..I really needed that color and didn’t have any on hand from PT.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish all of the Mothers that are reading this, a Fabulous Mother’s Day tomorrow. Enjoy your families!

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  • Well then I am going to have to send you some peach colored paper LOL!! That is once I find some since none is jumping in my head right off the bat which is unusual since I am the PaperTempress and know the colors and line extremely well! Paper Run YEAH!!

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