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Asian Mother and Daughter


Asian Mother and Daughter

Just a little something different. I LOVE the entire Laser Lustre line and this Laser Gold Glossy Lustre is no exception. It is so interestinghow the ink takes to this line of paper. Some of the ink floats on top while some of it settles on the bottom of the stripes. It is very visible IRL but hard to photograph. You will just have to take the word of a well seasoned stamper to know that this paper is a must have! Every time I stamp on paper from the Paper Temptress, I say to myself..”this is my favorite!” Just goes to show you that you can’t go wrong with any of Patricia’s paper. I am even amazed at how good the Basis paper is. When you use plain card stock you just go for the color right? Well, Patricia’s Basis line is so true to the colors, embosses fabulously and is better than any other. Something else I “need” to mention is that her paper is cut  so perfectly. You will get nice even layers. She also mails her paper so well that it is in pristine condition when it arrives in your mail box. OK that’s all for now. Not quite, LOL! Don’t you just love the image from Hearts in Touch?


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