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What is white balance and why do I care?

As you know I have been playing with some of my favorite paper the last couple of days which also means I had my camera out. I am a wannabe Photographer, digital artist, and the list goes on and on!! I am always joking that I am a jack of all trades and a master of none since I honestly know a little bit about a lot of stuff but not a lot of stuff about one specific thing.

But anyway back to the subject…white balance. White balance is what determines perfect color with digital images. Very cool, perfect colors in digital pictures, we don’t always get that do we? You look at the picture and think but the flowers were a different yellow. Well if that happens to you the white balance is off. Most people leave the white balance setting on auto which is easier but most generally not very accurate.

Well anyway what I am writing this post about is how to get perfect white balance every time and it is extremely easy. What I have and swear by is a WhiBalâ„¢ G6 Pocket Kit. It is the little rectangle object next to the image and couldn’t be easier to use!!  The only draw back is you have to have a photo editing’s program that works with it. As long as your image editing program supports Photoshop plug ins you can use this incredible tool. These image editing programs are capable of supporting Photoshop plug ins… Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoImpact, and Photopaint, and many more. What is a plug in since you will have to download one that works with the WhiBal G6?    Here also is the users guide pdf explaining how to use the WhiBal G6 with different image editing software and just simply how and why to use it.  I have Photoshop CS3 which works really well with it since it does have a white balance dropper.  All I do is grab the dropper, click it on the white square of the G6 tool and presto automatically sets the white balance and then all the colors are PERFECT, no guessing at what color that really is, it sets it perfectly every time.   Here is a website which explains it much better than I do.   I swear by this product and use it all the time!    Since most use a light box I would think this would be a critical tool for correct color since the white would really alter the colors.   We all pick our colors so carefully, we also should be able to photograph them correctly and with this simple tool you can. There are also other gray cards out there so google white balance or gray cards and see what pops up. You won’t be sorry!

The white balance tool is next to the image.

The white balance tool is next to the image.

3 comments to What is white balance and why do I care?

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  • But Marianne (yea, from Ilikemarkers, that is Marianne from Ilikemarkers here at PaperTemptress’s community blog, yea I am a namedropper)that is what is great about this tool. It is made for the lazy, all you have to do it make sure that the tool is in the photo, that and one click and wallah perfect color!

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  • thanks for the comment on my blog!! You’re right, the tool looks useful, but really my problem is laziness. I used to teach photoshop and I have been a professional graphic designer for over 14 years. I know how to get good whites, how to set my whites in PS, how to set my lighting for a clean photo shoot but do I do it each time? no. that is the LAZY in me coming through. I can hear my photography professors yelling at me right now… 🙂

  • Oh man oh man! This is sheer brilliance. I need to get one of these asap! Thanks for the great explanation. What a goldmine! :O)

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