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Check Book and Beaded Pen Gift Set

Checkbook and Beaded Pen Gift Set

OH MY GOODNESS! You read about Patricia’s experience with the Velvet Touch paper. All I can do is second , third and fourth her enthusiasm.  This paper is unreal. Mind you, that all of what is posted by me so far has been somewhat of an experiment as I have never been privileged to use the Paper Temptress papers before. This project is no exception. Once I had decided on what I was going to do and chose the paper, Cream Velvet,  I began to wonder how ink would react to this paper. Well this was so much fun! After I inked the paper and allowed it to dry just a bit, I feathered all the ink together with my fingers. It made for a ghostly like appearance which I really loved. Did I mention how soft an luscious this paper is? If you look at the photo in the right lower corner of the check book, you will see the words “Feminine Mystique.” I blended this in with my finger really well  and it looks wonderful IRL.

The beaded pen is easy peasy. Just find a nice of paper, adhere it to your pen with Xryon and then place some Oh So Sticky tape over that. Then you just roll it into a bowl of microbeads. The pen feels so luxurious in your hand.

All stamps are from Hearts in Touch.

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