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Oh my goodness….Copics and Velvet

Now that I have pulled out the fabulous velvet paper to find out what it can handle I have been blown away by it’s versatility and ability to color. I posted earlier about how it embosses, colors, and accepts ink like a dream. I, like everyone else out there, am totally in awe with the copic markers (I am excited, I am taking Marianne’s class on Wednesday, that is the day after tomorrow, oh my!!) so I wondered how this cardstock holds up to the copic marker! Now please remember that I am shading challenged and not copic certified (yet) or quite frankly, any good!! I have subscribed and read a few of Marianne’s I Like Markers blog so I have a very brief idea of how to properly color with copics but I have read enough to know just how important the colorless blender is at shading and applying color so let’s talk about what happened……

I was totally surprised at how the copic markers laid the color on like butter spreads on bread. Deep rich colors when only applying a small amount of ink. The color covered the area and there was ZERO bleeding to the back which means you could use this cardstock as a base cardstock and color with copic markers directly on it which isn’t the case with most cardstock. And then I was more blown away when I started using the colorless blender…Here is the first picture I took b4 using the colorless blender very much at least, I had used it but very sparingly (honestly, I was scared it was going to ruin the paper, boy was I surprised)

Copic markers colored this Velvet touch cardstock

Copic markers colored this Velvet touch cardstock

As we can all see that is horrible so I decided it was already pretty bad so let’s see what this colorless blender is going to do now!! Makes sense right?? Again total surprise, the ink had been applied over 5 minutes since it took a little bit to take the picture and I am sure I checked my email since that is something I do a lot these days LOL!! The ink moved around quite easily and came off even better. I had a napkin next to me since there was a lot of color on the tip of the marker that needed to be removed. I have never seen this happen with any other cardstock before but let me reiterate this IS NOT my area of expertise (which is exactly why when I get done with this post I am emailing a couple of experts on PaperTemptress’s Design team since this is their area of expertise and have them also give it the test)!! As you can see by the 2nd picture (which trust me I still don’t think it is good coloring but that is totally my fault and not the Velvet touch cardstock) I was able to completely remove a good part of the very little ink I had placed on this cardstock. That is a good thing for developing depth, shading, and a look that represents reality more than a flat image. I am right, aren’t I? And trust me, coloring in circles is critical with the Velvet touch cardstock as you can see in the above picture LOL!! Take a good look at the cardstock also (a click will reveal a bigger picture) and look at just how smooth and creamy this cardstock really is. It makes me want to get some creamy French Vanilla Ice Cream since in real life that is exactly what it looks like. But then again, that doesn’t take much encouragement LOL!! OH no, I just googled iridescent markers thinking about coloring the Black Velvet touch to find out Copic makes an iridescent marker, I am going to be soooo broke!! Enjoy!

Copics after using the colorless blender

Copics after using the colorless blender

3 comments to Oh my goodness….Copics and Velvet

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  • Debbie Fisher

    what a cute image! I can’t remember if I ordered any velvet paper. I love the look!

  • Wow, Patricia…I had no idea that this velvet paper would take Copics so well. I’m definitely inspired to try some out. You are going to have a fantastic time at Marianna’s class on Wednesday, but I think you are already well on your way, judging by your example.


  • Debby

    Indeed. I think you did a fab job educating all of us on this. For not using copics regularly you did a very nice job.

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