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Embossed Velvet Flowers

After seeing Michelle’s Mother’s day card posted today I remembered seeing this design. I have been very busy and haven’t had time to play with all of the cardstock surrounding me so I finally pulled my favorite Cream Velvet Touch to see what it would look like if embossed.   I was thrilled when I saw how beautifully it embossed.  I pulled out my favorite coloring medium Pan Pastels (I am certainly not going to say that out loud at Marianne’s class on Wednesday so shhh!) and just was truly amazed at how beautifully  this cardstock colors.  I truly fell even deeper in awe with this really special cardstock.   And if I couldn’t fall more in love with something I inked up a stamp and oh my goodness, ink LOVES this cardstock. It is so creamy smooth that it stamps PERFECTLY, I honestly haven’t seen any other paper compare.   You can see just how ultimately smooth and elegant this cardstock is in the picture (click on it for a bigger picture, it takes a second to load but it is worth it). Everyone that has seen and touched this cardstock has fallen in love with it.   I have been told that they want to make a dress out of it so that they could wear it, that is just how heavenly this cardstock is. Talk about pleasing the senses of whoever is the lucky recipient of any design created with this shiek cardstock. Guaranteed to be treasured by all. Enjoy….Patricia


Cream Velvet Touch

Cream Velvet Touch

PS: A little birdy told me that today is the day the giveaway starts so stay tuned…….

PSS I wouldn’t add the stickles again, I probably should have used a stardust glitter pen or something (anything) else but live and learn. It is 5 am my time so I am off to bed, Good night and to most Good Morning!!

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