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An old friend….Pearl Ex

I was surfing the other day and came across a video (have since lost tract of it, I will try to find it ) about Perfect Pearls (sorry not what I ended up using) and with the new and absolutely fabulous Lustre line I knew that I had to pull it out and try it on on the Laser Gold Glossy Lustre. I saw the stamp on the cover of a magazine and had to have it (and several others) from Impression Obsession . As I said the video was about using Perfect Pearls and just how simple it is to use it (which is very true) so I pulled out this stamp, my perfect medium, and my perfect pearls and lo and behold it was gorgeous on the Glossy Lustre cardstock. So I progressed to my Pearl Ex and specifically to my Duo Red-Blue pearl ex which changes colors depending on the angle you look at it which is exactly the same effect you get with the laser Glossy Lustre so as you can see it was a perfect match. This is exactly the same image just different angles. Let me tell you these pictures were not at all easy to take. The glossy paper reflects the flash so here are the two I selected after about 50 shots (seriously) and a little Photoshop time. But I think you can get the idea of just how cool this looks and took me maybe 2 minutes from start to finish. Aren’t we all tring to save a few minutes here or there so that we can either make more or do other things (yea right LOL )You just apply the Perfect Medium to the stamp then apply the Pearl Ex, brush it all off and WOW, a stunning and very interesting image!!

Laser Gold Glossy Lustre with Duo Red-Blue  Pearl Ex

Laser Gold Glossy Lustre with Duo Red-Blue Pearl Ex

Gold Glossy Lustre with Duo Red-BluePearl Ex

Gold Glossy Lustre with Duo Red-Blue Pearl ExPearl Ex

And to make it even more interesting the Lustre line has this magical effect so when you see this IRL the image has settled on the bottom and the finish “floats” on the top which makes an even more stunning presentation. Everyone will be saying “How did you do that?” Of course your answer will be “Oh that it’s nothing, and the truth of the matter is, it really isn’t even though everyone is oohing and ahhing and extremely impressed!!

The Laser Black Glossy Lustre and the Laser Gold Glossy Lustre and just stunning together also!!

2 comments to An old friend….Pearl Ex

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  • Debby

    cool. I never thought to do that. I love my medium & pearls. I’m off to try it.

  • katie

    I know its hard taking pics of the lustre paper, I take my pics near a window and without flash on your camera. Love both cards and the ice cream floats.

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