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Father’s Day Desk Clock

fathers-day-desk-clock3This is a fun and easy project. I used Grey Leather and Canyon Brown Column. The Canyon Brown Column is a good choice for this project because it is a very sturdy c/s and adds needed stability to the project. For the center disc and the hinge on the upper left hand side, I did the camouflage technique to add interest and dimension.This is a working clock and requires a clock mechanism which can be found very easily at most craft stores.

The camouflage technique is easy and so very effective on manly cards. It can also be done in pinks and purples for cards for teens. Here’s how you do it:

Fill a shallow container with bleach. Gather some cotton balls and Q-tips. Put a glove on the hand you will be using to dip into the bleach. Start with a dark color c/s.Dip the cotton ball into the bleach and  randomly pounce it onto your c/s. You want to have depths of color, so go over some areas more than once and leave some areas dark. If you are using scraps of paper as I did above, use the Q-tip. Don’t just use the tip or you wll get all circles which doesn’t look good. Also use the side of the Q-tip. Allow to dry. To get the camouflage detail use a fine tip permanent marker. I use a Micron 05 black pen made by Sakura. You could also use brown. Go around the designs that the bleach has made to create what looks like veins. That’s it you are done!

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  • You have to tell us all what the camouflage technique is, pretty please!!

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